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Full length album by Electro Falco.

This project is an Electronic/EBM tribute to the late Austrian singer Falco.

The project is the work of Alexys B & Reza Udhin both of Inertia. This project has been performed live several times in Vienna at Falco conventions and tribute nights and has proven to be extremely popular with Falco and electronic music fans World Wide.





Inertia are back with the brand new album "Deworlded". A result of 3 years working on this release, bringing together the band's unique mix of Electronic sequences, harsh rhythms,
crunching guitars and dark song structures to present the band's best work to date.

Deworlded is a journey through the darker periods in life, when one can only find happiness by "Deworlding". To take a step outside of your world to really see what needs to change.

This album incorporates themes of Love, Life, Thoughts, Darkness, Happiness and Spirituality.

Inertia bring together their 4 high profile members to create this astounding record.

Reza Udhin (Killing Joke), Alexys B (Electro Falco), Kneill X (ex Killing Joke / Killer B Movie) and Andrew Lowlife (Swarf).




Johnny, Remember Me

Special CD single released to mark the London show on 10th September 2010 by both bands billed as Inertia vs Mechanical Cabaret.

This CD was created as a tribute to the legendary UK music producer, Joe Meek, of which both bands are big fans of. Johnny, Remember Me was originally released in 1961, performed by John Leyton and produced by Meek in his infamous Holloway Rd Recording Studio. Now Inertia and Mechanical Cabaret give it their own combined twist!!

A mixture of Electro, Industrial, Synth pop and 80’s High Energy sleazyness makes this single a very unique release!!!

Contains 3 tracks:

Johnny, Remember Me Inertia vs Mechanical Cabaret Version - Johnny, Remember Me Inertia Remix - Johnny, Remember Me Mechanical Cabaret Remix


Brand new album by Inertia released on 22nd February 2010.

"KLONED" and is a special project in which the band cover some of their favourite songs over the years.

The album features covers which were inspirational to the band and other songs which are guilty pleasures!

The bands which have been covered are T-Rex, The Beatles, Falco, Nick Cave, Duran Duran, The Sparks, Concrete Blonde, Jesus Christ Superstar, Elvis Presley, Selena & David Byrne and Depeche Mode.

Das Ist Showbiz E.P.

In February 2010, Reza & Alexys from Inertia were asked to perform at the annual fan convention for Austrian singer, FALCO.

The duo then put together a set of Falco songs, reworked and covered in an Electro / EBM style, with Alexys (A big Falco fan) doing the lead vocals.

This EP is a 5 track CD containing some of those songs.

This release will be extremely limited so grab your copy early!!

Cryonica Tanz v.5 (DCD Compilation)

We happy to announce that the 5th Volume of Cryonica Music's monster double CD Compilation CRYONICA TANZ is NOW OUT!!!

This new volume has taken 6 months to compile, having received over 600 Submissions!!
It includes plenty of exclusive and previously unreleased material and mixes. Going through several genres including Electro, EBM, Industrial, Darkwave, Noise and Synth Pop.

The compilation, as always, includes well known acts and showcases brand new undiscovered gems to form a mega dancefloor stomping double CD killer!! You will not be disappointed! For a Full Tracklisting, click here.

The Timeless Room

Debut album from Sweden's Octolab is now available to buy.

Minimalistic Synth-Pop melodies and great tunes, Super female vocals and pure Electro Pop a great combination for a new breed of Synth Pop. This band WILL take the Electro World by Storm!!

If you like anything from Human League, OMD to Ladytron, Wolfsheim or Client.. You will absolutely LOVE this CD!!!

Released on 29th October 2007


After 3 years in the studio and following last year’s “best of” collection, Inertia will be releasing a brand new album on May 7th 2007. The album is self titled “Inertia”. This album sees Inertia expanding their Industrial horizons with elements of the traditional Inertia sound mixed with harsh guitars and pure electro soundscapes, to unleash an album which appeals to all sectors of the Industrial movement! Inertia consists of Reza Udhin (Killing Joke), Alexys B (Circus of Horrors), Andrew Trail (Knifeladder) and Bob Malkowski (The Modern), with special guest appearances from Kneill Brown (Killing Joke), Client E (Client) and Phill Good (Libitina).

Cryotank Volume 2

Volume 2 of the Cryonica Music label sampler compilation is here! This second instalment features 16 tracks from the current Cryonica roster of bands. This amazing CD features brand new and exclusive tracks by Swarf, Inertia, Blue October, Mono Chrome, KnifeLadder, Fiction 8 and the newest Cryonica signing, Octolab.d Octolab.

The Spectacle

KnifeLadder release a brand new CD, now on Cryonica Music. This tribal Industrial trio consisting of Andrew Trail (Inertia, AntiValium), John Murphy (SPK, The Associates, MaxQ, Death in June), and Hunter Barr (AntiValium, Infant Skull Surgery) unleash an amazing Industrial album!The pounding Industrial percussion of John Murphy mixed with doomy soundscapes and twisted songs melodies make this an album for anyone into REAL INDUSTRIAL MUSIC.If you like anything from Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Whitehouse to current Power Electronic Music, this CD is a MUST!!

Decade of Machines . Best of Double CD - 1994-2004

A double CD spanning 10 years of releases from the Electro-techno-industrial INERTIA. Features 29 tracks including songs unavailable and now deleted. This is the European edition of this DCD, which comes with a completely different Disc 2 to the US Version. The double CD comes a nicely packaged Jewel case with Matt Slipcase.

Cryonica Tanz v.4 (DCD Compilation, 2005)

Featuring 30 exclusive and unreleased tracks by the World's best new and established electro bands. This DCD compilation encompasses dancefloor based Electro, EBM, Industrial, Synth pop and Darkwave.Compiled over the last 18 months together with Seba Dolimont from Side-Line magazine, this volume is guaranteed to set the dancefloor alight!! Established bands such as Leaether Strip, Inertia, Plastic Noise Experience, Grendal, Tactical Sekt churn out some amazing electronic stompers! And discover some new delights like Swarf, Octolab, Mono Chrome, OVNI, Brainclaw and Unter Null, who will give your music buds a new lease of life!This Double CD is again available at the price of £9.99 (gbp) including shipping!!! And it also comes in a special edition Super Jewel Case, ideal for collectors! "THE best compilation of the scene. To my ears this is a music event rather a compilation" - Enochain Apocalypse webzine "A DJ's dream of a double CD!" - Rocksound UK

One day silver, One day gold

Brand new album from the UK's Blue October. Beautifully crafted album with well written songs Electro-Pop at it's finest! With the added touch of Ross Carter's smooth melodic vocals, this band are one of the best talents of the Synth pop genre. If you like bands like Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yazoo, Duran Duran, Mesh. You will absolutely LOVE Blue October!

Collapse and Sever
Mono Chrome was formed in May of 2002 by Clint Sand (of and SYNNACK) and Victoria Lloyd (of Claire Voyant and HMB). By fusing powerful electronics with uniquely powerful female vocals, Mono Chrome creates danceable, yet dark electronic music. Their strong emotional and melodic components reach beyond the norm of "female fronted " ebm/industrial bands. >

Black Ice Impact
Brand new album by London’s premier EBM band INERTIA.This new CD has taken two years to complete and is finally here.Featuring well produced dancefloor based songs, harsh EBM to Electro Pop.A mixture of hard EBM with harsh vocals to softer and more commercial electro pop pieces, proves that this CD will certainly make it’s mark on the scene.

Art, Science, Exploitation
After 4 years of blood, sweat and tears, Brighton's three piece SWARFunleash their debut album. SWARF combines elements of Electro Pop, EBMand Trance with the beautiful and yet strong vocals of Liz Green tocreate something quite special. Catchy pop songs and additional production by Marc Heal of Industrial Giants Cubanate make this a CD foranyone who enjoys a good electronic pop song! RECOMMENDED!

Cryonica Tanz v.3
Third volume of our popular Electro-Industrial dancefloor DCD "CRYONICA TANZ v.3" is now out!! This amazing double CD features exclusive tracks and mixes by some the BEST artists in the Electronic Music scene. This Double CD encompasses everything from Synth pop to Power Noise, to Electro to EBM and IDM. Perfect tool for any club DJ!! This Double CD set is now available to order online NOW! At the price of £10 UK Pounds.

Forever, Neverafter
Brand new album by the leaders of dark Electro Pop, FICTION 8! The Denver trio have delivered a finely crafted album, this CD is packed with dark catchy melodies and excellent vocals from both Mike Smith and Mardi Salazar. Proving that FICTION 8 just get better at songwriting with each album. This CD is a must for anyone who likes bands such as Depeche mode, The Cure, or even Wolfsheim.

Cryotank Volume 1

This is the first compilation of bands on the Cryonica Music roster. Featuring over 73 minutes of exculsive and previously unreleased material from Swarf, Inertia, Void Construct, Fiction 8 and Mono Chrome!! This CD is available for the very affordable price of £5.99 (gbp)!!! You cannot afford to miss this offer!!!! Grab your chance to sample the Electronica on Cryonica Music NOW!


No Defect
5 track single from the UK's Inertia. Includes mixes from Inertia, The Galan Pixs, Project-X and Ethos. Limited to 1000 copies ONLY!!

Advanced Revelation

3rd full length album from Inertia.

Contains, no less than 18 tracks!! This new release retains all the aggressive power of previous Inertia releases, with hard pounding beats, and murderous bass and synth lines, that will create pure energy on the dancefloors! Inertia now attempts to combine more songwriting elements, with catchy choruses and unforgetable electronic melodies!

This album is essential for any electro-ebm fan!

CD/EP from Man(i)kin. Featuring new tracks and remixes. Mixes are taken care by man(i)kin, wave, Joachim Montelius of Covenant, The Galan Pixs, Project-X and Goteki.


Estramay Aleph
Debut album from the UK's VOID CONSTRUCT. Harsh Vocals, Hard Electro rhythms and pure dancefloor quality, makes this a CD for anyone into the genres of EBM, Electro and Industrial.

Sensory Division
2nd album by Southampton's Void Construct. 12 tracks of absolutely power packed Electro-Industrial, bound to infiltrate any dancefloor it comes near to. Scott Walker and Vicky Halliday have done it again!! If you like electro in the vain of Frontline Assembly or Wumpscut. This disc is for you!



Final album from America's legendary Spahn Ranch.

This album sees the band take a more mature and mellow approach to the music of Spahn Ranch, but yet still retaining the Industrial/Darkwave textures of the typical Spahn Ranch sound.

This European version contains 3 bonus tracks, unavailable on the US version.

European release of the new album from Denver's FICTION 8! This album sees the band move into a genre that can only be described as Dark Pop! Excellent catchy dark synth pop industrial melodies, and excellent vocals harmonies from both Mike Smith and Mardi Salazar make this release something that every synth pop fan should have in their collection. The album is filled with potential dancefloor classics. And as an added bonus, the band have completely re-recorded the album for it's European fanbase, making this release completely different to the US version!

Positive Angel
This excellent dancefloor CD features remixes of songs from Inertia's 2nd album "Negative Prime". Remixes are carried out by Inertia, Funker Vogt, Razed in Black, Psyche, Aghast View, Project-X, Ethos, Girls under Glass, Noisex and L'ame immortelle.

Negative Prime
2nd full length album by Inertia. Released on Nightbreed Recordings/Electric Blue, this album features many popular Inertia hits, such as "Angel (in the psychiatrist's chair)" and "Auto-Erotica".


2007 album by the UK's, Inertia is now out on Cryonica Music.

This album sees Inertia expanding their Industrial horizons with elements of the traditional Inertia sound mixed with harsh guitars, electro soundscapes and pounding beats, to unleash an album which appeals to all sectors of the Industrial movement!

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The Timeless Room

Debut album from Sweden's Octolab is now available to buy.

Minimalistic Synth-Pop melodies and great tunes, Super female vocals and pure Electro Pop a great combination for a new breed of Synth Pop. This band WILL take the Electro World by Storm!!

If you like anything from Human League, OMD to Ladytron, Wolfsheim or Client.. You will absolutely LOVE this CD!!!


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