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Cryonica Music is a label focusing on Innovative Electro-Industrial Music.

The label is the brainchild of Reza Udhin & Alexys B, known from the Electro-Industrial act INERTIA.

It was set up in mid 2000, when Reza and Alexys started to get frustrated with the miscommunication problems experienced when signed to other labels. They decided that they could and would do it themselves, not only releasing material by INERTIA but also giving other artists who deserve a chance, some hope.

The first release on Cryonica was the double CD sampler CRYONICA TANZ v.1. This CD has become an instant hit globally, and is a favourite of many DJ's around the world. This has set a standard which Reza & Alexys aim to maintain with Cryonica Music.

Cryonica Music are actively looking for new and innovative music to release for the future.

CRYCD023 OCTOLAB - The Timeless Room More Details
CRYCD022 INERTIA - Inertia More Details
CRYCD021 VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cryotank Volume 2 More Details
CRYCD020 VARIOUS ARTISTS - Bright Lights, Dark Room More Details
CRYCD019 KNIFELADDER - The Spectacle More Details
CRYCD018 INERTIA - Decade of Machines (Best of) 1994 - 2004 More Details
CRYCD017 VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cryonica Tanz v4 More Details
CRYCD016 BLUE OCTOBER - One day silver, One day gold More Details
CRYCD015 MONO CHROME - Collapse and Sever More Details
CRYCD014 INERTIA - Black Ice Impact More Details
CRYCD013 SWARF - Art, Science, Exploitation More Details
CRYCD012 VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cryonica Tanz v.3 More Details
CRYCD011 FICTION 8 -Forever, Neverafter More Details
CRYCD010 VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Cryotank Volume 1 More Details
CRYCD009 VOID CONSTRUCT - "Sensory Division" More Details
CRYCD008 VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Cryonica Tanz v.2 More Details
CRYCD007 FICTION 8 - "Chaotica More Details
CRYCD006 INERTIA - "Advanced Revelation More Details
CRYCD005 SPAHN RANCH - "Closure More Details
CRYCD004 INERTIA - "No Defect More Details
CRYCD003 VOID CONSTRUCT - "Estramay Aleph More Details
CRYCD002 MAN(I)KIN - "Sacrament EP More Details
CRYCD001 VARIOUS ARTISTS - "Cryonica Tanz v.1 More Details
The Timeless Room
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cryotank 2
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Bright Lights, Dark Room
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