Cryonica specialise in remixing, adding the Cryonica Electro dance twist to many artists over the years.

Artists who have been remixed by Cryonica include ex Nitzer Ebb's Julian Beeston, German Industrial Metallers Die Krupps, 80's US number 1 pop outfit Missing Persons, UK's Zodiac Mindwarp and mega Music producer Youth.

If you are interested in music production or remixing, please contact us.

Cycloon "Education Lie (Minimal mix)" - (Khazad-Dum)
The Shining/Julian Beeston "My Hollywood" - (Fifth Column)
Hexedene "Damage (Inertia Delta mix)" - (Matrix Cube/Re-constriction Recs)
The House of Usher "Kiss of Fate (Inertia Crucified mix)" - (Celtic Circle/Nightbreed)
Intra-Venus "Force (Inertia Push Mix)" - Nightbreed Recordings
Razed in Black "Nightmare (Inertia Wake up mix)" - Cleopatra Records
Missing Persons "Mental Hopscotch (Inertia Digital Move mix)" - Cleopatra Records
Das Ich "Den ich dem traum (Inertia Insolence mix)" - Danse Macabre
L'âme Immortelle "Figure in the Mirror (Inertia Reflection Mix)" - Trinity Records
Project X "Humanity (Droid version)" - Energy Rekords
Man(i)kin "Deity (Inertia Mix)" - Cryonica Music
E-Craft "Electrocution (Inertia remix)" - Electric Blue
Project-X "The System is dead (Inertia mix)" - Energy Rekords
Girls under glass "Das Licht (Red Light Mix) - East/West
Solitary Experiments "Glory and Honour (Inertia Mix)" - Maschinenwelt Records
Biotek "Vengeance not Victory (Vindictive Mix)" - Wire Prod.
Fiction 8 "Somnabule (The NIne vs Inertia Mix)" - Cryonica Music
Regenerator "Crusher" (Inertia Mix) - Alfa Matrix / WT2 Records
Implant "Early (Inertia Mix)" - Alfa Matrix
Theatre of Tragedy "Automatic Lover (Inertia Mix)"
Razed in Black "Damaged (Inertia Mix)" - Cleopatra Records
Libitina "Colours Revealed (Inertia Mix)" - Libation Records
Libitina "Mea Culpa (Inertia vs Libitina Mix)" - Libation Records
Obzson Geschopf "The Love Butcher" - BLC Productions
Die Krupps "Fur Einem Augenblick" - Synthetic Symphony
Zodiac Youth "Gay Friend" - Cherry Red Records
Inertia "The Preacher" - Deathwatch Asia
Vertical Smile "Shake it" - To Be Released
Killing Joke "The Great Cull (Inertia Mix)" - Spinefarm Records/Universal
Zodiac Youth "Pulse (Inertia Souced Mix)" - Cherry Red Records